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Package Deal - Why not let Sky Science organise your skydiving holiday, and help you to reduce the costs

The package deal for July 2015 starts from £999 which includes return flights from the UK to Holland, Train from the airport to the parachute centre also both ways, bunk house accommodation for 7 nights, your AFF course including insurance, training, equipment hire and video of all skydives. All you have to do is buy your food. To give you an idea of prices it costs approx 7.50 euros for an evening meal in the bar.
Continuation jumps will be £24 per jump including kit hire.

AFF Skydives

During your AFF Course You will be accompanied by two highly qualified AFF Instructors who will give you personal ground and in-air tuition.

We will guide you in freefall by way of hand signals and if necessary controlling your body. You will experience an exhilarating freefall flight before you open your own, ram-air canopy.

Graduating the AFF course qualifies you as an independent skydiver in your own right, so that you can literally go sky diving anywhere in the world!

The learn to skydive course comprises of one days training followed by your first skydive with two instructors.

After successfully completing your course you will be well on your way to attaining your first skydiving license. You can even extend your holiday from one week to two weeks and qualify for your FAI A license for a super fast acceleration into skydiving.

You will use our state of the art skydiving equipment specially designed for your AFF course.

Before every jump you will receive extensive and thorough video debrief of your previous jump and more training to prepare for your next skydive.

Training Syllabus

Ground School & Jump No 1

The Ground School includes:
Introduction to the equipment
Aircraft procedures
Freefall procedures
Canopy control
Your first jump with two AFF instructors
Practice pulls & Altitude awareness

Jump No´s 2 & 3

Jump 2 consolidates the basics of freefall and develops the practice pulls and altitude awareness
Jump 3 is a release dive with both your instructors close by, to assist if necessary.

Jump No´s 4 to 7

These four jumps are conducted with one instructor
Jump 4 concentrates on starting and stopping turns.
Jump 5 practices 360° turns
Jump 6 is a solo exit (the instructors will be very close on your heals) and includes back loops and tracking exercise.
Jump 7 introduces a dive exit from the aircraft, a back loop, a left and right turn, track and pull.

Jump No 8

Jump 8 is from 5000 feet and involves a stable exit and a solo deployment of the canopy.

The AFF jumps are debriefed by video free of charge and if you wish you can take a copy to show all your friends. There is a small charge for a fully edited video which depends on the location of your course.

All licenses are internationally recognised and we assist you into settling into your own countries system. We can also provide you with continuous training or progression courses.

Gifts and Surprises

Let us know if you would like to book a skydiving course as a gift, so we can help keep the secret.

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