Wind Tunnel Training

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Wind Tunnel Training

Indoor Skydiving is available in Holland at Indoor Skydive Roosendaal

The wind tunnel is a great place to learn and practise your freefall body position before starting your AFF course. You will be taught by your AFF instructor so you are fully prepared for your first AFF skydive.

Per skydive session you will be in the wind tunnel for around 60 seconds. Five to ten wind tunnel flights is all you need to master the basic freefall body position to make sure you pass your AFF course without repeating any levels.

Your unique experience begins when you are floating! In the initial skydive session the instructor will help you to find the most ideal position, and once you’ve got the feel for it then you can very quickly float entirely independently through the tunnel. The best part is that, unlike skydiving, almost anyone can do it

Once you’ve completed your time in the wind tunnel, your instructor will explain how you did in the wind tunnel and what you have to do to improve.

Wind Tunnel flying undoubtedly offers flyers a really safe and fun environment in which to experience "free fall" and to learn to fly their body. Without all the pressures of wearning gear, jumping from a plane, wondering about their height and stability, worrying if their parachute will open and then having to focus on landing their parachute safely, tunnel flyers can simply concentrate on learning free fall skills.

On conclusion, you may also pay for a DVD to take home, to show friends and family that you have skydived indoors.

At Sky Science we have a very high pass rate for our AFF students so they complete their course without any repeat jumps, however, time in a wind tunnel will almost guarantee no repeat jumps.



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