Wind Blades

Skydiving Wind Blades

Wind Blades can be re-used again and again and are therefore excellent value for money.

Wind Blades have very quickly become a highly visual method of adding to the available advertising space at a drop zone or an event. Wind blades also provide additional safety by indicating wind direction to skydivers as they approach the drop zone.

For a quotation, please email a colour copy of your artwork to Sky Science

Wind blades come in three sizes as follows:

Small = 220 cm - Medium = 295 cm - Large = 415 cm

The Alpha wind blade is shown using the high quality pole and the Sky Science wind blade is shown using a roach pole and wooden spike. The high quality pole shown below is very strong and designed to last. The only part that bends is the top pole.

The base for the high quality pole is an extra option, you can choose one of the following

  1. Water Filled.
  2. Screw Anchor
  3. Base Plate
  4. The spike is part of all three but it can be removed and used by itself
  5. This is a separate foot spike which can also be used with the high quality pole


We also provide display banners


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