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Richard Blake - AFF Course and A Licence Course

I completed my AFF course and A-license with Allan in Spain in May 2014. From start to finish, it was completed in 8 days. I firmly believe that the quality of the instruction had more to do with my success than my skill level. From the very beginning, I felt I was in good hands and never once had any concerns regarding my progression through the levels. Allan's background and skills are a testament to the quality of the training you can expect. I have found myself jumping with others that have over 100 jumps that were extremely positive about my skills. These are certainly down to the benefit of having a top level coach and mentor throughout my time jumping. I'm now working on my B-licence and have completed a number of 3-ways with others. I cannot recommend Allan enough and look forward to my son completing his AFF and being able to jump together. Of course, he will be doing his AFF with Allan - I can't think of any better person to coach him through this. 5-stars!


I will upload other testimonials as soon as I get time but in the mean time please contact with me on my personal Facebook page to see what my customers think of me

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