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Skydiving Jumpsuits

Order Form - Materials - Colours

The Sky Science jumpsuit is custom made to suit all your FS skydiving requirements. It's designed to fit you and your chosen fall rate.

Selecting the right type of material that supports your body shape, is the key to giving yourself the biggest range during freefall. The aim is to have a jumpsuit that allows you to relax during a formation skydive, while also giving you the best fast fall and slow fall option when you need it. Learning to skydive in a hard arch or de-arch is extremely difficult which results in a slow learning curve.

The biggest issue is what material to have on the front of the jumpsuit and the upper arms. Nylon will give you a fast fall rate while polycotten gives you a slow fall rate. The cut of the jumpsuit also makes a difference. The Sky Science suit can be manufactured for a standard fit or with extra drag to reduce the fall rate for those who need it.


The standard jumpsuit can be manufactured with many extras to suit your needs as follows:




 This is the standard suit manufactured with polycotten, spandex and nylon if required



 The booties are manufactured with a double layer of polycotten for extra drag on the legs

Cordura Booties


 The cordura booties provide even more drag which are also hard wearing for longer life

Padded Knee's


 The padded knee's are for your comfort, if you spend a long time on your knee's

Cordura Bum


 This provides a hard wearing base to sit on, for longer life

Leg Zips


 These allow you to put your suit on while still wearing your shoes

Vi Zips


 Same as above but at the back of the leg instead of the side

High Collar


 This is available if you prefer to zip your suit all the way to the chin



 This is available for better comfort when worn next to your skin

Stripes on Grips


 This is an option to add three stripes to your grips in the colour of your choice



 This is an option to provide an internal pocket at the chest area

Cordura Knee’s


 This provides a hard wearing base to kneel on, for longer life

Rush Order


 This is available if you must have your suit earlier than the four week delivery time



 This is the cost within Europe, an extra cost is available if you want it sent guaranteed delivery

Credit Card 5%

 Credit card payment is an extra 5% to cover the credit card fee