Aff Skydiving Course

Accelerated FreeFall (AFF) Course

If you’re serious about skydiving, Our AFF skydiving course is the one for you. The AFF Course enables you to learn to skydive in a few days, so you can go skydiving anywhere around the world as a qualified solo skydiver

Our 7 jump AFF course starts from only £975

AFF Course SpainAFF Course Holland

Tandem Jump

Tandem Skydive

Tandem Parachuting offers a quick and easy introduction to free-fall. You will be securely attached to an experienced tandem instructor who takes charge of all vital functions such as opening the parachute and landing safely. Your preparation for the jump takes only 15 minutes. Freed from responsibility, you can relax and enjoy the skydive.

Our 1 jump Tandem Skydive starts from only £170

Tandem Jump SpainTandem Jump Holland

RAPS Skydiving Course

Static Line Course

Our static line course means you learn to fly a modern ram air parachute before progressing onto freefall skills. You will be securely attached to the aircraft with a line that automatically deploys your parachute as you leave the aircraft.

Our 5 jump static course starts from only £350

Static Line Course SpainStatic Line Course Holland

Round Parachute

Military Parachute Course

The round parachute course is taught by professional skydiving instructors, who are also military qualified. You will be securely attached to the aircraft with a line that automatically deploys your parachute as you leave the aircraft.

This course in a course run for both military and civilian students

Military Course SpainMilitary Course Holland

Want to speak to us? Have any questions? E-Mail Allan Hewitt or call me on +31 (0) 628 459404


Skydiving Course

When you do a skydiving course with Skydive España, you can relax in the knowledge that you have the best instructors available. Our instructors are highly experienced with a minimum of 6,000 skydives each and they hold national championship medals in senior competitions.

Our instructors also do skydiving stunts for the TV & Film industry with many credits to their name such as the James Bond & Tomb Raider films to name just a couple.

We provide the highest quality instruction while also giving you the best financial deal possible. When you do a course with Sky Science you will be well looked after from the day you arrive, but it doesn’t end when you qualify as a solo skydiver. We will continue to support you with some great deals that our competitors can’t provide.

We make sure that you get cheap but quality hotel accommodation for your maximum comfort or even cheaper options to suit your budget

Please note that the prices may vary depending on the time of year and the location

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