This removable slider was designed and built in 1989 and since then it has done many thousands of jumps. It's proven itself to be the simplest, easiest and quickest removable slider ever used. It's also quick and easy to install after use. Pulling the centre handle releases all four attachments at the same time and the skydiver is left holding the centre handle and slider.

Ordering and Prices

€345 for a standard removable slider.

To order: e-mail your slider size, canopy type, canopy size and colour choice to Sky Science Measure the slider across the centre in both directions making sure to remove any slack material when measuring.

Things to consider before buying a removable slider




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Removable Slider

The design has to be 100% secure during deployment and easy to remove with one swift movement after deployment. This is not the case with all removable sliders so be careful which design you choose.

The person packing it needs to understand how it can be installed incorrectly so they can make sure they don't make the mistakes that some people have made.
If you use packers then I recommend that you install the slider before giving them the rig for packing.

It must pack like any normal slider, don't use cable release sliders that don't bend or fold easily as they can cause packing problems.

The tolerance during the manufacture is extremely tight to ensure that the slider can't release prematurely, and to ensure that it does release easily when you need it. If you use a center handle that releases all four grommets at the same time then the tolerance is about five millimeters. This is one of the reasons why manufacturers don't want to put them into production and one of the reasons why they are expensive.

The slider needs to be used in conjunction with slider stops at your connector links, this is best done with a small solid plastic ring as a slider stop.

Packing shouldn't take much longer than un cocking a draw cord slider, once you've had a little bit of practice.

Ask yourself why you need a removable slider. If you're happy with a collapsible slider and you don't have any problems with it then why would you want to change? If you have less than 500 jumps then don't even consider it unless you have a good reason for wanting one.

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