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Equipment Components

Training Syllabus


The aim of the approved packers course is to teach skydivers to inspect, assemble and pack square main parachutes according to the rules and regulations laid down by the BPA.


The time taken to qualify for an approved packing qualification is very flexible and will be arranged between candidates and instructors. The course is followed by an examination to qualify candidates on the equipment that they’ve been tested on.

Course Trainers

Training may be carried out by anyone with the appropriate packing qualification who’s been authorised by the CCI. The examination must be carried out by at least, either a category system instructor (CSI) or a parachute rigger (PR).

Candidate Qualifications

All candidates must be full BPA members

Training Syllabus

• Equipment Components
• Inspection Techniques & Check List
• Assembly
• Twists & Tangles
• Rules and Regulations
• Safety Notices
• Incident Reports
• Packing Manuals
• Compatibility
• Packing Training
• Training Log
• Examination


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When the candidate is confident in his/her packing ability; he/she may ask for an examination to include all aspects of the training syllabus. Upon completion of a successful examination candidates will be issued with an approved packing certificate for the equipment that they’ve been tested on. They will then be issued with their packer’s number by the BPA.

Privileges & Limitations

Approved packers are qualified to assemble, inspect and pack main parachutes as noted on their approved packing certificate.


The training log must be sent to the BPA along with the packing certificate. This will be held on record by the BPA. The packing certificate will be returned after it's been registered and approved. Your BPA membership card will also be updated to include your new qualification with your approved packer’s number.

Adding To the Packing Certificate

The instructor or rigger adding new equipment to a packing certificate must ensure that the approved packer is aware of any differences and how to deal with them by means of a practical examination or by questioning the approved packer about the differences. The instructor or rigger may then endorse the packing certificate with the new equipment. When the approved packer has had his/her packing certificate endorsed for at least 10 different containers and 10 different canopies, and which include all of the design types listed on the packing certificate, the instructor or rigger may then sign up the approved packer to pack all square main parachutes into all sport parachute containers. At this point the approved packer does not need to add further equipment to their packing certificate.