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Equipment Components

Training Log

Candidates Name________________________________ BPA No_______________________________________
Telephone______________________________________ E Mail_________________________________________
Start Date______________________________________ Examination Date_________________________________
Course Trainer__________________________________ BPA No_______________________________________
Course Examiner________________________________ BPA No_______________________________________

Course Type: Square Parachutes


Equipment Components Signature & BPA No _____________________________
Inspection Techniques Signature & BPA No _____________________________
Assembly Signature & BPA No _____________________________
Twists & Tangles Signature & BPA No _____________________________
Rules & Regulations Signature & BPA No _____________________________
Safety Notices Signature Signature & BPA No _____________________________
Packing Training Signature & BPA No _____________________________
Compatibility Signature & BPA No _____________________________
Incident Reports Signature & BPA No _____________________________
Packing Manuals Signature & BPA No _____________________________

Equipment Worked On During Training

Containers _______________________________________________________________________________________

Mains __________________________________________________________________________________________

Deployment Systems _______________________________________________________________________________

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I certify that the above named candidate has successfully passed the BPA approved packers course and has been tested on all the subjects within the training syllabus.

Examiners Name _______________________________________ Signature ______________________________________________________

After successful completion of the course the examiner should complete an approved packing certificate and send it, along with this log, to the BPA for registration. The approved packing certificate will be returned to the owner by the BPA.


If possible; the training and the examination should be done on one set of equipment. After qualification the candidate can then start to add new systems to their approved packing certificate.