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Equipment Components

Rules & Regulations

BPA approved parachute packers are governed by the following rules and regulations that relate to assembling, inspection and packing main parachutes.

The BPA operations manual, section 6, item 8 – parachute packing states the following:

8.1 Student Equipment - All student main parachutes are to be packed under the supervision of a person holding a BPA packing certificate for the parachute being packed.

8.2 Main Parachutes - FAI ‘B’ Certificate (Red) parachutists and above and holders of JM1 Grade qualification are responsible for the packing of the main parachutes they are jumping.

8.4 Where manufacturers’ requirements conflict with those of the BPA, the BPA requirements will apply.

In addition to the above rules; approved packers must also abide by the following rules and regulations


Parachutes must not be packed if they are not serviceable.


Approved parachute packers are qualified to assemble the following components that make up the parachute assembly: pilot chute, bridle line, deployment bag, main parachute, slider, connector links, risers, control toggles and cutaway pad.

Training & Qualification

The rules for training and qualification are contained in the approved packer’s syllabus.


Approved packers must be in possession of their approved packer’s certificate when packing for other skydivers. Skydivers do not need an approved packer’s certificate to pack their personal parachutes, an endorsement in their log book by a CCI is sufficient

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Approved packers must keep a log of all parachutes that they pack. This log can be kept by the approved packer or the dropzone they work for. The minimum information should be the owner’s name, container, canopy, date and the work that was carried out. The skydivers personal log book is acceptable as a log of all personal pack jobs.


Approved packers are responsible for making sure that all components are compatible with each other and the container that they’re attached to.


The approved packer’s certificates are valid for the duration of a valid BPA membership. If an approved packer is not a member of the BPA for a period longer than one year, the approved packer will need a CCI's recommendation to renew the approved packer’s certificate.

Packing Manuals

Approved packers must have read the packing manual for the equipment they pack.