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Incident Reporting

The reporting system allows a skydiver to send in a report about any incident associated with equipment. It can be used to formally report an incident with the aim of disciplinary action to be taken against the person responsible for the incident, or it can be sent in as a confidential report that can be used to educate skydivers or change the system so the same mistake can not be repeated.

The report is sent to the BPA and will be dealt with by the chairman of the riggers committee. Alternatively, a confidential report can be submitted to the world wide confidential reporting system run by Skydive Safety which is not controlled by any parachute association.

Any skydiver who comes across a problem that compromises safety is encouraged to send in a report. The best way to prevent future problems is to recognise a problem and share it with others to prevent it from happening again. Almost all equipment problems are just repeats of a problem that someone else has had. The reporting system allows all skydivers to learn from the mistakes of others, so we can reduce the number of incidents and keep skydivers as safe as possible.

The person making the report can fill in as little or as much as they like. The identity of the person making the report will not be revealed unless they have signed the agreement. Please fill in as much information as possible but leaving a section blank is also acceptable

Please fill in as much information as possible, especially if it could be relevant to the incident

Name Main
E Mail Reserve
Telephone Container
Date AAD
Has the person responsible been informed
What was their response
Description Notes
Conclusions Notes
Recommendations Notes
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