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Student Equipment - Automatic Activation Devices (AAD's)

As an approved packer you need to know all the components that make up the complete parachute assembly. You need to know about the many different variations and how each one works. Some components can be swapped between rigs, however, you must also realise that some components are manufactured for a specific rig and they can't be used in other rigs without causing problems.

You need to know how to inspect each component and be able to make a decision as to whether it's serviceable or not and make that very important decision as to whether it's compatible with the complete rig and all of the other components. The best rule is to always use components manufactured by the container manufacturer because every component will have been tested as a complete assembly. If you use replacement parts manufactured by another manufacturer or a rigger, then they should be identical in every respect. If a replacement component is not identical then it's the responsibility of the person making the exchange to ensure that the replacement component fits, and functions in the same manner as the original manufacturer’s part, and any variation doesn't affect the function of any part of the complete assembly.

If you have any doubts about component compatibility then take it to a rigger who can advise you. When inspecting any component it's worth knowing what mistakes have been made in the past so you can specifically look out for those problems so you don't repeat the same mistakes.

Each component section has a safety notice and incident report section which identifies the repetitive mistakes that keep occurring. These mistakes have been made by manufacturers, riggers and skydivers who were not aware of the potential problems. Reading this section will help you to avoid making the same mistakes. All of the safety notices have been written by parachute manufacturers and parachute associations as well as government agencies, the confidential reports have been taken from both the confidential reporting system and official reports collected by the British Parachute Association.


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