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Frequently Asked Questions
Below you will find some questions along with our answer. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

E-Mail Allan Hewitt or call me on +31 (0) 628 459404

How long does the AFF course take?
The course takes 3 days to complete but we plan on 7 days so you can either take it slow and easy or continue to complete your consolidation jumps. It's also nice to have a few spare days in case of bad weather.

When do student courses start?
Our training dates are flexible and we can run the ground school any time that suits you. However, we can also plan you alongside other students as it's always nice to train as a small group.

How many jumps can I do per day?
The number of daily jumps depends on you. Most students do an average of 2-4 AFF jumps daily and an average of 3-5 consolidation jumps per day.

What do I need to bring to the course?
Comfortable clothing and training shoes and don't forget your medical form signed by your doctor and your payment balance.

I have never jumped before. Is the tandem skydive the first jump?
No, we do not mandate the tandem skydive as part of the course as it is a very different experience, however, if you choose you can do a tandem skydive before your course starts but it won't help you during your course.

I already have done static line jumps. How can I convert this towards AFF?
Please contact us with your experience and we can advise you on what you can do to convert to AFF.

Am I likely to repeat a Level jump?
It is rare to repeat an AFF skydive if the course is done within one week, if you can't make it for a full course and choose to jump on weekends only then it's more likely that you will have to repeat one or 2 AFF levels depending on how often you turn up.

Can I use money paid for the full AFF course towards my repeat jumps?
Yes of course

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