Sky Science designed and tested the very first giant display flag used in the UK back in 1982 and we've produced flags for the majority of the UK display teams

Our most popular flag provides an additional 200 square feet of advertising space during a high impact display. Corporate sponsors and parachute display teams have realised that the giant display flags can be re-used again and again and therefore receive excellent value for money

For a quotation, please email a colour copy of your artwork to Sky Science

This is the artwork that we used to produce the flag above

The flags are printed in high quality so they can be seen from both sides

Our latest design has a longer length across the top of the flag compared to the bottom of the flag (as seen on the Parachute Case flag above). This ensures that the top and bottom edges of the flag fly's horizontal to the ground during flight, which allows the whole text to be read by spectators without cutting off some of the wording caused by the angle of attack

The same flag shows our leading edge which is very straight instead of curved. This prevents the back end of the flag from collapsing during flight which also helps to ensure that the text can be read during flight

Our flags have been designed so your sponsors get their logo or message across with the maximum coverage during the descent, which allows photographers to capture the whole logo or message that your sponsors want to promote

In the event that the jumper has to land in a location that allows the flag to get caught prior to landing, we have added a cutaway handle to release the flag in an emergency

A 22" drogue can also be attached at the top trailing edge to put tension across the top of the flag. This is anoption for flags that have text near the top or near the trailing edge as it makes sure that it can be clearly seen during flight

Our deployment system prevents the flag from malfunctioning when deployed, by making sure that the weight is secured until the flag unrolls. This is done by packing the flag in the following manner:

  1. Lay the flag out
  2. Fold the flag in half by taking the trailing edge towards the leading edge
  3. Fold the flag in half again
  4. Fold the flag in half again
  5. This time fold the flag to the centre instead of the taking it to the leading edge
  6. Fold the flag once more twoards the leading edge
  7. The final triangle needs to be folded over the top of the flag and back again, making sure the leading edge is evenly spread across the top from left to right
  8. Place the lead shot weight bag on top of the flag
  9. Roll the flag very tightly towards the deployment bag
  10. Make sure the flag is connected to the two ring release system
  11. Close the flag bag. If the flag fits with the press studs all connected then it's correctly packed which makes sure that it will not malfunction.
  12. If it's not properly closed then unroll it and adjust the width so the pack volume is correctly adjusted for a proper bag closure

We can manufacture display flags to any size to suit your budget and requirements

The flags pack into a front mounted secure container

The container has a dual locking system. In the event that the first flap was accidentally pulled the flag would still be secure

The flag is ready to deploy after releasing the inner flaps

To deploy the flag, pull both sides towards your body

The flag then deploys as it drops away

Flying Tips

The objective of the pilot flying the flag is to make sure that the sponsors message or logo gets maximum coverage

To achieve this a large canopy that has a low angle of attack gives the best reults

When approaching the arena it's best to do a left hand approach pattern so everyone in the arena can see the the correct side of the flag on the final down wind leg and where possible flown on half brakes with slow turns



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