Canopy Handling

Canopy Handling

Learning the basics of canopy handling will give you a solid foundation to develop your skydiving career. Consistency in coaching and training is the key to success. Our course is designed to help you learn the essential skills to achieve the best results during flight and landing.

I'm a qualified Canopy Handling Coach who's been teaching people to fly all types of parachutes since 1990. I've had my fair share of swooping fun with Icarus and PD canopies with the smallest being a 79 sq ft velocity. My full CV is available for further information.

We teach you how to plan and prepare for canopy flight and landing and learn the basics before you pick up bad habits by teaching yourself to swoop. A properly planned jump will always be much more successful and much more rewarding for you as a skydiver. “Hot” landings are not just for the pros!

Safety in skydiving is the highest priority and learning how to fly your parachute and land safely in all conditions is an important skill that gives you confident's and the ability to set yourself new challenges and evaluate your own performance.

You'll start with one on one instruction learning how to fly your own canopy to achieve the best performance. You'll learn how to turn properly with control toggles, front risers and rear risers. You'll learn how to find your stall point and recover from a stall. You'll learn how to land slowly and with some speed so you have to transition your weight from the canopy to the ground.

Canopy Handling (CH) Syllabus

The course consists of a minimum of 5 skydives where you have set skills to learn and practice.

Once graduated you will be issued your CH1 and CH 2 qualification which will give you the confidence to fly and land your canopy in all types of locations or conditions.

Download the following manuals and articles on canopy handling for more information. Don't be daunted by the volume of information available in the manuals and articles, we will break down each and every subject to make sure it's easy to learn from.

Canopy Handling Manual - Basic Aerodynamics - Corners Kill - Design Parameters

Flying and Landing High Performance Canopies - Getting the Best from your Canopy

Getting the Most out of your Canopy - Lowdown on Low Turns - Survival Skills - Wing Load



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