AFF Course

After Graduation

The BPA is the only country in the world who mandate a further 10 consolidation jumps after you have completed your AFF course before you are classed as an AFF graduate.

We recommend that you do these 10 jumps as soon as possible after your 8th jump so you move away from AFF status. This makes it easier for you to continue jumping when you return to the UK without having to do any further AFF jumps.

The most important thing that you need to know is that you must remain current while on student status. If you have a period of not jumping then you will need to do some refresher training which could include an AFF evaluation jump.

You are still classified as a student skydiver until you qualify for your BPA A License. To qualify as a BPA A license skydiver you will need to do the AFF course, all 10 consolidation jumps and a CH grade 1 course, (This is a basic canopy handling course) which you can do during your consolidation jumps.

In other words you can qualify as a BPA A license skydiver after 18 jumps.

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FAI A License

The goal of every skydiver after completing AFF is to qualify as an international FAI A License holder which means you can go anywhere in the world and skydive without supervision.

This license requires 25 skydives which includes 5 formation skydiving coaching jumps and the ability to pack your own parachute.

If you truly want a fast track into skydiving you can complete your AFF course and your FIA A license requirements within 1 to 2 weeks. (My last student did it in 8 days)


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